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The fun fo travalling,
The joy of  Learning.

Abroad Institute offers STUDY & TRAVEL opportunities for those interested in
learning Mandarin exploring Chinese culture and traveling through China.
We customize our programs based on the age of the group, duration the
group will be in China and interests of the group. We offer classes from
kindergarten to college level from 2-4 weeks. Shorter and longer stays are
available upon request.

Our Program allows our participants to

Immerse themselves in a full Chinese environment
Receive in-depth and diverse cultural courses
Interact with Chinese classmates
Live with local Chinese families and enjoy traditional Chinese lifestyle
Explore distinct natural scenery and diverse ethnic cultures
Experience how Chinese tradition blends with modern society by siteseeing with a local guide

Program Information
Study and Travel

This program is ideal for groups that want to sightsee with
a local Chinese guide and learn Mandarin.
Fees: $2800 (for first week in Chengdu)
Optional itineraries:( all prices include domestic flights)
Volunteer activity in Panda Base: $288 USD/ per day (up
to 5 days)
3 days in Jiu Zhai Valley: $1488 USD
3 days in Xi'an: $1420 USD
3 days in Shanghai: $1300 USD
5 days in Beijing: $1730 USD
5 days in Yunnan: $1700 USD
Successful Cases
Students and parents from Phoenix, Arizona Language
Preparatory School had a great time studying and traveling
in Chengdu, Beijing, Shanghai and Xi'an.
A group of high school students, parents and teachers from
Community School of Naples in Florida studied and
traveled during the summer of 2015 for 2 weeks and gave
high regards to our program.

Contact Us:

Cell: +1 - 9728223957 (US Contact BN Panta)
Tel : +1 817-545-5200 (Office Abroad Institute)

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